BIC offers products that are light and long-lasting…

BIC®’s writing instruments are made with a minimum of raw materials and designed to work a very long time, every time you need it, enabling you to buy these products less often and throw less used material away. The combination of reduced raw material content, performance and reduced impact on the environment are major assets to be awarded the NF Environment eco-label (NF 400): a full range of BIC® products bear this certification distinguishing high quality products with a minimum impact on the environment.

Since 2008, BIC also integrates recycled material in some of its products : BIC Ecolutions products. This range notably includes 3 Bic ® Kids ® products with at least 50% of recycled material2.

…As well as their packaging!

And as everything counts when it comes to protecting the environment, BIC® packaging is eco-designed to be the lightest possible. Many BIC® products are sold on the point of sales without packaging, and this enables you not to bring useless packaging at home.

Discover how BIC is acting every day to help creating a more sustainable world

This video gives you a concrete overview of how BIC integrated its own sustainable development approach in all of its activities



BIC controls all of its operations to ensure the safety of its products and minimal environmental impact of its manufacturing

Most BIC® products are manufactured in the Bic’s factories to ensure the quality, traceability and safety of all its products. In-house manufacturing enables BIC to have everything in hand, especially regarding safety when it comes to products dedicated to children.

The majority of Bic®’s factories are receiving the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications that guarantee the full implementation of Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems.

BIC® also has a transport policy to minimize shipping impacts, especially with factories close to its markets.

BIC is socially engaged

It is a priority for BIC to ensure good working conditions for all its employees. The Group’s European factories are located in OECD countries, most of them being free of Human Rights risks.

Being socially responsible for BIC is also about promoting philanthropic actions internally with the global dedicated program ‘BIC Citizens’, designed to raise awareness among employees about causes external to BIC’s activities.

In 2010 and 2012, BIC joined forces with Planète Urgence to help Haitian families through the project « A school, a future ». Thanks to the funds raised among BIC’s employees, 3 classrooms have been built and equipped; they benefit to 450 children of 15 schools. Actions have also been taken to develop local trade.

That’s not all! BIC provides product donations and financial aids to charities operating in domains close to its core activities, such as education.


1 Calculated on the total weight of the product.
2 See the page dedicated to eco-lablels.