What are the steps to subscribe to bickids.com? 

You can  register for the bickids.com website via: http://bickids.com/user/register or directly by clicking the login button  on the welcome page.  Once you have filled in all the obligatory fields of the registration page and accepted the confidentiality policy of the site, you are registered.

I can't log or register on bickids.com website, what can be the problem?

Please verify that you have provided all the obligatory information requested in correct format, and clicked any obligatory boxes. In order to login, make sure that you have entered the correct email address and password. Please note that in case you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one.

Why didn't I receive my password after I requested it?

Please double check that you have correctly entered a valid email address. If that is the case, check that the email has not been diverted into your spam folder.

What kind of information do you ask about my child?

We will request the first name of your child, sex, his/her relationship with you, date of birth (optional) and a photo (optional) .

Please note that none of this information provided will be published nor used for any other purpose except the functioning of the site.  Click here to read our confidentiality policy.

Why do you need information about my child?

The bickids.com website contains a great number of activities and different collections. The information requested is used to personalize the suggested activities for your child so that they can easily access content that is designed for their age.

How can I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account , you can just send us an email at: bickids.contact@bicworld.com or to fill in a request via the contact form.

Can I let my child playing alone on the website?

The bickids.com website is designed so that children can easily navigate and search for activities.  All the content available on the site is suitable for young audiences.

Is bickids.com suitable for children who don’t know how to read yet? 

The site uses a great number of visual symbols designed to help the children to navigate. Therefore, it is not necessary to be able to read in order to use the site.  

How do I know if an activity book is adapted to my child’s age?

The recommended age for the activity books is always shown on their front cover : 3/5 year olds or 6/8 year olds.